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We are The Fearless Storytellers Movement, the fastest –
growing social edutainment enterprise in the world! 

Welcome to Our Family

Welcome to The Fearless Storytellers Movement,
the fastest-growing social edutainment enterprise in the world!

We are a unique collective of women of color fearlessly telling stories of triumph over tears, tragedy, and trauma.
As a community of social-change entrepreneurs, building character, confidence, and courage is our SUPERPOWER! 

Our Mission & Social Solution

The Fearless Storytellers Movement is at the intersection of enterprise and impact. We are social bridge-builders educating college-aged students and adult victims of abuse by strengthening their life skills concerning love, sex, relationships, and personal development. Our Social Solution is to eradicate suicide, eliminate drug abuse and exterminate verbal, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual, and financial abuse in our local communities and around the world through storytelling. 

Our Vision & Social Impact

Our vision is to relieve 1,000,000 lives by 2030 from the pain of trauma by sharing tools of triumph over emotional, spiritual, financial, sexual, verbal, and mental abuse by bravely telling our stories.

Our 10 Core Values & Social Responsibility



We are committed to Excellence in television, radio, tv, film, publishing, and social media by creating an ocean of organic, healing content to heal the masses.


We are feverishly raising Awareness by exposing dimensions of abuse hiding in the shadows of shame.
Safe Platform

Safe Platform

We believe every human is a Storyteller and we've created a Safe Platform to share their truth.

Collaboration & Innovation

We acknowledge Collaboration as the fuel of Innovation by which we shall remain on the leading edge.
Self-Love / Self-Awareness  / Self-Care

Self-Love / Self-Awareness / Self-Care

We are committed to our audience experiencing deep Self-Love, through perpetual Self-Awareness while prioritizing Self-Care.
Transformational Virtual and Live Experiences

Transformational Virtual and Live Experiences

We are passionate about creating Transformational Virtual and Live Experiences to engage our community of storytellers and enthusiasts by facilitating positive, life-changing discussions.


We believe Accountability is the key to unlocking truth in storytelling.


We endeavor to remain Transparent by staying true to our own truth.
 Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships

We are ecstatic about building and nurturing Healthy Relationships by demonstrating altruism, mutual support, honesty, integrity, respect, and camaraderie.

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